Instilling Clinical Confidence

About Us

Clinical Connect Laboratories (CCL) is your source for navigating and resolving the increasing confusion in the healthcare industry. We are the premier source of guidance in the laboratory industry with regards to appropriate clinical utilization for the well-being of the patient as well as healthcare management. Our team of experts are here for your clinic and provide exceptional service from start to finish. CCL empowers both the physician and patient, creating trust, transparency, and accountability towards outcome driven results according to clinical needs.

At CCL, we pride ourselves on providing solutions for the individual needs of the patient. This includes education, clinical integration, laboratory utilization, advocacy, regulatory, billing and payor concerns as they relate to patients and their physicians. This approach fosters individualized attention to clinical, laboratory, psycho-social and economic variables to yield the most efficient and effective results.


Our Promise to you

Patient centric process from start to finish.

Eliminating high, out of network bills for patients

Evidence based program for each individual patient.

Diagnostic tools to accommodate patient needs.

Clear, concise test results for each patient.

Test results within 24-48 hours

EMR Integration

Comfort of in-network testing

Exceptional Customer Service

Our Services

Urine and Oral Toxicology

In-Network Connector

Wellness Panels

Customized Testing

Expert Consultation

Our Specialties

Pain Management

Mental Health

Addiction & Substance Abuse


Women’s Health

Primary Care